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How to Avoid Ghosting: Saving Belarus Women from the MIA-Prince Heartbreak

Our modern society has become pretty fast-paced in all conceivable aspects including the dating scenes. Admittedly, this pace has evolved the way potential lovers relate and communicate in terms of the progression or escalation of the chat; from getting to know some Belarus women each other remotely to grabbing a cup of coffee together. With this rush-to-hanging mentality, however, came a disturbing trend of ghosting and Belarus girls seem to have taken the bitter end of this stick.

belarus girls

Typically, any man on the prowl on a typical Belarus dating site has much fewer chances of actually finding a lady wishing to connect. There’s actually nothing odd here. After all, men have always traditionally held the role of ‘chasing’ after women. It only makes sense therefore that each guy tries to chase as many of these Belarus beautiful women as possible to increase the chances of success. Once this happens, the issues of compatibility get thrown out of the window and less focus is paid on whether the profile matches what the guy is looking for. As such, this is where the trouble begins.

Should one of these random attempts yield a ‘date’, the guy suddenly finds himself hanging out with someone with whom he has absolutely nothing in common! Inevitably, the guy is automatically uninspired by the date and will probably want to make a quick disappearing act. Since guys are rarely good at all these ‘expressing yourself’ issues, going MIA (missing in action) is the easier choice, leaving the poor lady clueless and heartbroken.

According to one of the most celebrated relationship experts, Essence Cohen Fields, putting self-love first is the only key to a healthy relationship not these games with probability matching. Fields, who happens to be a professional counselor, explains how one can only fully accommodate another individual successfully enough to date if he/she is at peace with oneself. This means that instead of hunting for Mrs. Perfect from among a multitude of Belarus women, men can simply work on themselves first to ensure that they’re emotionally prepared to make a connection. Whether you’re seeking a Belarus girl for marriage or just casual companionship, the fate of that relationship depends on your ability to love yourself first without any validation from someone else. With almost 50% of adults getting married according to Statista, it’s better to learn this ability before jumping into anything serious.

Perhaps we should explore some more practical skills that can help men to navigate the Belarus dating scenes more successfully. There are several tricks that one can practice so that you spare every Belarus beauty that you meet the heartbreak of ghosting. After all, such an experience can easily be emotionally damaging, leaving ladies vulnerable and less confident of themselves. Here are some of the essential tips to remember when taking out a lady from Belarus;

lay from Belarus
  • Keep your expectations in check

There is such a thing as over-expectations when meeting a new person whether it’s a pen-pal friend or one of your several potential Belarus brides. The moment you walk into the date expecting to be swept off your feet in a romantic-movie kind of way, the date is doomed. These expectations are also often subliminal i.e. they may not be so obvious even to yourself. Your mind rather, however, tends to build up such expectations at the back and you begin to subconsciously compare your date to this mental image when you finally meet.

Expectations can also ruin a potentially good connection by making you focus on what the lady has to offer instead of concentrating on how the two of you can benefit each other intellectually. Top relationship expert, Patrick Wannis, categorizes relationships into two groups namely the parasitic ones and the symbiotic ones. According to the behaviour expert, the best relationship is the symbiotic one whereby both parties mutually support and benefit each other rather than the parasitic one where only one member is benefiting and giving nothing in return. By limiting expectations, therefore, you can easily focus more on how you can also make yourself appealing to your date and therefore lay a strong foundation for a second date without having to ghost anyone.

  • Communicate effectively always

Most relationship problems for long-time couples and compatibility issues for new lovers stems from poor communication skills. Appreciating someone for their beauty and perhaps interests is very easy yet getting them to share their thoughts and feelings is an art in its own right. It is therefore important to communicate effectively from the start by being honest with each other about everything, even the little things.

Lisa Concepcion, a popular and certified life coach encourages both men and women to recognize the divide between the two genders (and any other dynamic gender).  By recognizing this disconnect from one person to another, both parties can work towards closing the gap through effective communication so that each person fully understands the other’s needs and wants.

  • Minimize the potentials

Lastly, it’s no secret that human beings can only pay attention when concentrating on a minimum number of items or situations at a time. It only makes sense therefore that the best way to establish a lasting connection with a date is to focus on it without having the option of a ‘fallback’ plan B date. If you are focusing your energy on just one lady, the probability that it goes well and leads to a second date is much higher.

To wrap it up, the ghosting trend is a social ill that needs to be avoided at all costs. Instead of stringing women along, men should be more considerate and save women the heartbreak of waiting for a text or call that never comes. This is not to say that this social ill is found in men only but women tend to be more expressive about their feelings which makes them less likely to ghost anyone because when they aren’t interested, you’ll definitely know. Hopefully, you’ll practice some of these tricks the next time you hit the dating scene for more fruitful encounters!

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