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Belarus women VS Russian women

Belarus and Russia are neighboring countries, both former republics of the Soviet union. Because of the same geographical location, the women in these two countries look very similar, many foreign men, always can’t tell Russian woman from Russian woman. Today let’s talk about the similarities and differences between belarusian and Russian women.

How similar are belarusian and Russian women?

There are many similarities between the attitudes of belarus women and those of Ukrainian and Russian women. They also value the family and see it as the true calling of women, while the man’s responsibility is his career, providing services to his wife and children.

lady from belarus

1.They are similar to the idea of a marriage

Over the past few decades, the values of belarusian and Russian women have changed. They also believe that men should be the main breadwinners in the family, and that young women value education and strive to be self-reliant. In most cases, women dream of love, support, understanding and some kind of spiritual connection when they seek a life partner or boyfriend.

2.They are similar in appearance

Ladies from belarus, Russian women are very typical Slavic characteristics, they have white skin, blue eyes, long blond hair, all men are very fascinated. At the same time, they are very concerned about their body and face. They often do various sports or make up, and they are not allowed to go out untidy.

3.Their personalities are similar

For a long time under the leadership of the former Soviet union, the personality of belarusian women is very similar to that of Russian women. They are family-oriented, value marriage and are always loyal to it. Although they often make a good career, marriage and family are at the top of their list.

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Differences between women in belarus and Russia

More than 25 years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet union, with its 15 republics becoming independent states. Over the past quarter of a century, the former republics have acquired distinct features and differences, as well as historical changes. Let’s talk about what makes belarusian women different from women living in Russia.

1.The differences in shape

Most women in Minsk are tall and straight. Russia is a much larger country, which includes 86 different subjects, including some larger national republics than France. As a result, russians often mix their heritage with parts of the Asian genotype. On average, Russian women are not tall.

2.The language difference

Belarus girls speak two languages: Russian and belarusian. Although Russian is still the popular language in belarus, some belarusian women speak belarusian as well.

3.Differences in facial features

Belarusian women are mostly blue eyes, round cheeks, full lips and a tall nose, giving the impression of indifference, they are the typical Slavic appearance.Russian women, on the other hand, usually have green or brown eyes, oval cheeks, not always blonde hair, and dark hair.

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The facts of Belarus Women

Belarus is a small country in Europe, with Poland, the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia border, but couldn’t get into the sea. It used to be one of the former Soviet republic, including Russia and Ukraine. Many men are confused between Russian women and belarusian women. Let’s talk about belarusian lady together today!

Belarusian ladies are amazing, they are so charming and beautiful. Most European men can’t think when they see belarusian girls.

Belarus women are descendants of ancient eastern slavs. The root “bell” (meaning “white”) in the country’s name indicates the purity and authenticity of its people. Belarusian appearance combined with large eyes, turned noses, pointed chins and plush lips makes the whole country’s features aesthetically appealing in most countries of the world.

Long legs, slender beautiful waist, neck and lively characteristics – this is the standard fashion models from all over the world. In addition, most belarus women skin fair-skinneds in vain, blue eyes and golden hair. This unique phenomenon is very common in belarus.

belarus girls

Why are belarusian ladies so beautiful?

1. Natural beauty

Do you know belarus girls are very beautiful? However, they do not tend to overuse make-up or dress in a provocative way, as Ukrainian girls do. These single women attract men’s attention with their natural appearance. They can afford it because they inherit all the incredible facial features of the slavs, such as white hair, white skin and unique bones. What’s more, women from belarus are very keen on sports. Their culture predicts a healthy lifestyle, so they go to the gym or gym on a regular basis. You’d be surprised to see a 60-year-old running in the morning, enjoying a music on his headphones. When you meet a young girl who looks like a supermodel without makeup, you’re taken away even more. These ladies will make your heart beat like a drum!

2. Beautiful belarus lady always walk at the forefront of fashion, they know how to dress  themselves well

A beautiful woman always knows how to dress properly. Belarusian women are the same, clothes, fashion makes them more prominent, more beautiful. They have their own views to wear that they were, they proud of natural beauty, and do not waste, but pay more attention to, their makeup is always very natural and elegant, most women take a long time to look at their appearance, which is why, when ms belarus a go out, his eyes fell on her!

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3. Confidence makes them more attractive

Belarusian women are tall, perfect and have long hair. When she is in front of you, there is nothing but their beauty. However, most belarusian women are well educated, influenced by the internationalization, and many belarusian women now have a higher education level than university level. They always have their own unique view of the beautiful world, and when she starts talking to you about her views, opinions, you will be shocked and fascinated by her confidence.